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The Three Pennies Challenge

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If you were walking down the street and saw 3 pennies on the ground,
would you stop to pick them up?

Probably Not! much of a difference can 3 pennies make?
Take the 3 Pennies Challenge and find out!

We are asking our families to consider offering at least 3 Pennies out of every 1 dollar of their monthly income to support our Church. You keep 97 cents!...and you give just 3 Pennies to support your Church!

Click on the videos and information provided below to learn more, and take the 3 Pennies Challenge.

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  • It’s not a Membership Fee or Donation

    • We become “members” of our Church at Baptism

  • God blesses us with so much!

    • Our families, our work…everything!

  • Based on our Gratitude for God’s Blessings

    • We give back a portion of what God has given us

How We Fund Our Mission? .... Stewardship

The Mission of the Church

  • Salvation of the faithful - Providing Sacramental Life and Ministries

  • Preaching the Gospel - Spreading the Word of God and Baptizing all People

  • Community Outreach - Care for the Poor, Sick and those in need

How Do We Give?

Giving our First Fruits to God…not giving left-overs from our disposable income!
Trying to give God 10% back as it says in the Bible (see below)
Begin by trying to give at least 3%
That’s just 3 Pennies out of every $1...and that’s the 3 Pennies Challenge!

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How do I take the challenge?...

  • Keep an open mind and think about your role as Christ’s steward.

  • Don’t decide on a random dollar amount and pay a “membership fee” or make an annual “donation” to the Church.

  • Take the 3 Pennies Challenge and offer at least 3% of your household income to support your Church.

  • If you have already made your pledge…Thank You! But it’s still not too late to take the 3 Pennies Challenge!

  • Please make your 2021 Stewardship pledge TODAY!

Already a Steward and wish to make a contribution for 2022?

If you are interested in making a difference in our Parish, please contact Ron Baldinger, Stewardship Chair: