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“Those who listen to instruction will prosper, those who trust in the Lord will be Joyful”
- Proverbs 16:20

Orthodox Christian Podcasts

We encourage you all to learn more about our Orthodox Christian Faith and Tradition by diving into one of these many wonderful Podcasts produced by Ancient Faith Radio, a ministry of the Antiochian Archdiocese of America. These podcasts in particular are recommended by Fr. Thomas.

Explore more Orthodox Christian podcasts on Ancient Faith Radio.

Speaking Truth in love.png
Speaking the Truth in Love: Compelling Commentary on Christian Belief and Behavior
by Fr. Thomas Hopko
Lord of Spirits.png
Lord of Spirits: The Seen and Unseen World in Orthodox Christian Tradition
by Fr. Andrew Stephen Damick and Fr. Stephen de Young
Names of Jesus.png
The Names of Jesus: Explaining the Significance of each of the Names of Christ
by Fr. Thomas Hopko
Worship in Spirit.png
Worship in Spirit and Truth: A series of reflections by Fr. Thomas Hopko on the Divine Liturgy and the Orthodox Church
by Fr. Thomas Hopko
Search Scriptures.png
Search the Scriptures: Interesting and Accessible Bible Study for Busy People
by Dr. Jeannie Constantinou
Orthodoxy Heterodoxy.png
Orthodoxy and Heterodoxy: Orthodox Christianity and Non-Christian Doctrine
by Fr. Andrew Stephen Damick
Whole Counsel of God.png
The Whole Counsel of God: Verse by Verse through the Scriptures
by Fr. Stephen de Young
Everyday Orthodox.png
Everyday Orthodox: Sharing Stories of Everyday Orthodox People
by Elissa Bjeletich Davis
Becoming a healing.png
Becoming a Healing Presence: Through Christ, We Learn to Bring Healing to Others.
by Dr. Albert Rossi
Today live.png
Ancient Faith Today Live: Important Conversations about Topics that Matter to Orthodox Christians
by Fr. Tom Soroka
Family Matters.png
Family Matters: Empowering Marriages and Families in Faith
by Fr. Alexander Goussetis
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