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What is Prosfora

Prosphora is the name given to the loaves of bread offered during Divine Liturgy in the Orthodox Church. Bread is used not only to represent Jesus Who is the Bread of Life, of which if any man eat he shall never hunger, but also to express the offering of our life to God. The Greek word for Altar bread is prosforo, which means "an offering to God." Bread represents life because it is a staff of life. Once consumed it becomes part of us, i.e., our flesh and bones. Thus, in bringing the loaf of bread to God, we are offering our life to Him as a gift of our love.


During its preparation, prosfora is stamped with an image usually including IC XC NIKA ("Jesus Christ conquers"), which is maintained during baking and then serves as a guide for cutting out the lamb during the preparation. Prosfora can vary in size and stamp in different traditions.


To bake Prosfora is to participate in the heart of the Divine Liturgy, as the bread is to be used for Holy Communion. Baking prosfora is a beautiful and significant act of worship as you and your family prepare and mix the ingredients to sacred hymns; knead the dough while in prayer; set the seal; and bake the bread, all the while mindful of the sacred act of worship as you offer this gift to the One Who is the true Bread of Life.

Prosfora Baker Coordinator

Angela Galanos


Age Groups:

Any parishioner who is willing and able to make bread.


Getting Involved:

If you are interested in getting involved and joining our Prosfora bakers please contact the Coordinator, Angela Galanos.

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