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About the Ministry

The altar service ministry is a vital part of our worship at Holy Apostles. Those called forth to serve at the altar of the Lord should recognize that their service is an offering to Him and come prepared to fully participate and assist in worship.


The ministry includes altar boys, altar team captains, and altar leaders. We invite anyone to become part of the Altar Service Ministry. Characteristics of a good altar server include the willingness to help and learn, and the ability to prayerfully and respectfully participate.

Age Group:


Ages 7 and up, all children interested in serving will be considered based on maturity level.


Getting Invovled:


Parents that have a child interested in serving should contact Rami Elsarraf or Peter Pollatos, they will talk with the interested child and consult with Fr. Thomas in making the decision to allow them to serve.


Adults who are interested in serving, please see Fr. Thomas

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