The Holy Apostles Greek Orthodox Church is offering Greek Afternoon classes for children and adults starting at the age of 4. Registrations are being accepted for classes. All children, regardless of their exposure to the language, are welcome. The tuition for Parish stewards is $400 for the first child and $350 for each additional child. Non-stewards tuition is $600 for each child.

An additional $50 Book fee per child is required if they do not have the most current books. 

Checks and registration forms can be mailed to the church; Attention: Greek School or given to a parish council member directly on Sundays. Please include the student name(s) in the memo section.

Ellinomatheia is available for those students who wish to prepare for the examaniation for the Certificate of Attainment in Greek. Students who obtain the Ellinomatheia Certification are recognized worldwide for their greek language qualifications, which can be used for University credits. Classes are offered once weekly, $500 per student

About the Greek School Teachers

The Holy Apostles Greek Orthodox Church is very fortunate to have secured two experienced and talented Greek Language school teachers for these classes.  They are:

  • Athanasia Dacey is fluent in three languages, Greek, English and Arabic. She has graduated from a private high school where all the subjects were taught in Greek. She was valedictorian among her graduating class and a recipient of 2 full academic scholarships for her undergraduate and graduate studies in the National & Kapodistrian University of Athens, Greece, the school of Pharmacy. She studied further and completed Clinical Studies in the United States. Along with her expertise in human medicine, she studied, practiced and earned certificates in teaching the Greek language as a second language. She has worked 10 years for St. Sophia's Cathedral Greek schools, she has been working for 19 years for the Greek School of Gennisi, Manassas, Virginia and since 2007 she has taught the Greek language at Holy Apostles Greek Orthodox Church. In 2016 she was blessed with the opportunity to direct the program of Ellinomatheia at our church and teach the class. She has been preparing students for the 6 different levels of Ellinomatheia for at least 14 years. For more information about the class of Ellinomatheia that meets once a week at our church, please, contact Athanasia at: 571-261-2297, or 571-359-0249, or e-mail to:    

  • Mrs. Vicky Kalograni is one of the Holy Apostles Greek School teachers this school year 2018-2019. She is a college graduate with a bachelor’s degree in psychology from the University of Athens and a Master’s degree in Elementary teaching from Goucher College in Baltimore, Maryland. Mrs. Kalograni has also attended and participated in a number of seminars “in teaching Greek as a second language” here in the US and abroad. 
    Her thirteen year of experience in teaching the Greek language has been with a number of Greek day and afternoon schools throughout the Baltimore and Washington metropolitan area.