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St. Romanos the Melodist: Hymn On Mary at the Cross 


The lamb, beholding her lamb advancing to the slaughter, 
Followed Him wearily with the other women, saying, 
"Where dost Thou go, O my son? 
Why dost Thou follow this swift path? 
Is there another wedding in Cana, 
And dost Thou hasten there to turn water into wine? 
Shall I go with Thee, my child, or shall I wait for Thee? 
Give me word, O Word, some word, and do not pass me 
by in silence, 
O Thou who has kept me pure, 
My son and my God. 

He answered these words of Mary, which she called out 
From her deep grief and cried out from great suffering. 
He who was born of her, answered her as follows: 
"Why dost thou weep, Mother, why dost thou advance with 
these other women? 
Is it that I should not suffer, that I should not die? How, then, 
shall I save Adam? 
Is it that I should not inhabit the tomb? How then shall I restore to 
life those in Hades? 
And surely thou dost know that I am to be crucified unjustly. 
Why, then, O Mother, dost thou weep? Rather, cry aloud 
'It is gladly and willingly He suffered, 
My son and my God'