Serving in the holy Altar is a sacred ministry provided by the dedicated youth of our parish.  One of the greatest joys, privileges and responsibilities open to our Orthodox young men, is service in the holy Altar.  Our parish is genuinely blessed to have so many boys willing to dedicate themselves to this ministry. Please contact our Parish Priest for more information.

The responsibilities open to our graduated Acolytes are several: learning to assist our Chanters; reading during the services, and helping the choir.  Our Altar graduates are always welcome to serve during weekday services, Holy Week and during the summer months.  We are always exceedingly grateful to former servers for their love and dedication to our Church and parish.

The name Acolyte comes from the Greek word “akolouthos” meaning server, attendant or follower. So, the Acolytes are attendants to the Bishops or Priests and help them during the various services. During the Divine Liturgy the Acolytes represent the Angels that surround and serve Jesus Christ, in the same way as they surround and assist the Parish Priest. Angels are always ready to help, are quiet and have an excellent behavior. These are characteristics the acolytes should strive to perfect. The Acolyte Ministry has its roots in the Old Testament of the Holy Bible, where the Prophet Samuel is seen assisting Eli, the Levite Priest, and Elisha is seen assisting Elijah the Prophet. Thus, the role of the Acolyte is an important one. Acolytes are mentioned as early as 251 A.D. by Cornelius, Bishop of Rome. These early Acolytes were special people appointed to serving and assisting the Priests. (Edited by Rev. Fr. Georgii Gligorov)

Acolytes ~ Altar Servers ~ Our Angels